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The name Morch is known worldwide in specialist hifi circles and is synonymous with Quality. This Danish manufacturer has been involved in vinyl reproduction for 25 years, and they currently make two tonearms, the DP6 and the UP4.
morch armror.bmp (134662 bytes) There is a choice of four interchangeable arm tubes, each featuring a different mass to enable exact matching with the intended pick up cartridge. In this way the frequency of the fundamental arm/cartridge resonance can be tuned to the optimum value. Please consult us for the best choice.
Green light 3.8g total.
Red medium 5.7g total.
Yellow heavy 7.4g total.
Blue extra heavy 13.1g total.

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The DP-6

The top model - an arm with "conventional" bearings, a silicone damped high precision ball bearing for the horizontal plane, and two precision sapphire bearings for the vertical plane. The damping of the two planes of motion is completely separate, and the vertical can be adjusted to suit. One of the sapphire bearings is adjustable to ensure correct cartridge azimuth. Silver arm wiring with Teflon insulation. Finish is 24K gold.

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The UP-4

A Unipivot design, with a hardened steel pivot resting in a concave polished sapphire. The bearing is damped with silicone fluid. The low position of the bearing gives greater stability than other unipivots. Finish is Chrome.

Standard vs Precision armtubes: The Precision armtubes have a large cartridge mounting platform, the underside of which is precision ground, resulting in better cartridge to arm contact.

Top: DP6
with "Precision" arm tube
Bottom: UP4
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